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Halloween Ghost Sun Prints

When the temperature lows start to get down to 98 here in Austin Texas, I know Fall has arrived.  I welcome it with a cup of pumpkin spiced something or other and get totally focused on Halloween and everything that comes a long with it.  Decorations, costumes, and Halloween crafts. […]

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Tips For Acquiring Inexpensive STEAM Materials

-This post contains affiliate links as well as super informative links.- I am a bit of a collector — some may say hoarder — of craft supplies or anything that I think my kids, myself, or my students can create or build with.  I love to hunt for cool items […]

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Cloud Soap Experiment

If you are looking for a fun, easy, and cheap experiment…HERE IT IS!   It is so much fun to watch a bar of Ivory soap expand and cloud up in the microwave.  My boys were amazed. All you need: bar or more of IVORY soap a comparison soap bar a […]

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One Of A Kind Artwork at Wee Warhols

Every child is one of a kind, as is every piece of art.  I am a big believer in NEVER write on a child’s art work.  It should be their own and untouched, or God forbid, not something that an adult draws and they color.  That kind of stuff makes […]