One Of A Kind Artwork at Wee Warhols

One Of A Kind, Wee Warhols, Austin, Art classes, kid art
The Finished One Of A Kind Artwork

Every child is one of a kind, as is every piece of art.  I am a big believer in NEVER write on a child’s art work.  It should be their own and untouched, or God forbid, not something that an adult draws and they color.  That kind of stuff makes me cringe.  Anyway, I broke my own rule and wrote on all the Wee Warhols’ canvases.  And guess what.  It is one of my favorite projects I have done with my students.  I was inspired by a motivational poster that I saw on Instagram, or maybe Pinterest.  Simple white background with the plain text- One Of A Kind.  I prepared each canvas with these words, all a little bit different.  I used a thick black Sharpie marker to write the text.

One Of A Kind, Children's Artwork, Wee Warhols, Austin,

The best part of this project was seeing what each child did with their canvas.  They were all very different.  Some of the kids spent a lot of time on this project, while others preferred the minimalist approach.  I supplied them with markers, tempera cakes and dot markers at first.  (Oh, this post includes affiliate links.)  Then they added acrylic paint.  Each masterpiece was indeed One Of A Kind.

One Of A Kind, Wee Warhols, Art class, Austin
One Of A Kind, Wee Warhols, Art class, Austin










one of a kind, wee warhols, Austin, Artclass
Finished One Of A Kind Art
Wee Warhols, One Of A Kind, Austin, art class
The Original Wee Warhol

I hope that you make some One Of A Kind artwork.  If you do, please share a photo in the comments below.  I would love to see what your child or students come up with.