Homeschooler Program

Our Homeschooler Program is offered every Friday from 9 AM to 2 PM at $50 per class.

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During this 5 hour block, students focus on both structured and self-directed projects centered around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) principles. The Homeschooler Program is designed to support and enhance any homeschool STEAM curriculum that is being used at home. With advanced notice, we are also able to cater to projects and activities towards specific concepts and curriculum that need to be covered.

During each session, we spend time in the Discovery Lab and Process Art Studio. In addition to using both low-tech and high-tech tools, we will also incorporate the natural world as much as possible by performing experiments and processes outside in our nature lab and mud kitchen.

Together with our families, we hope to design an enriching, hands-on experience individually catered towards each students’ interests while building their creative confidence. Students will gradually develop the ability to create physical representations of their ideas and design experiments to answer their own scientific inquiries.

Every Class please send your child with a water bottle and nut-free lunch and snack. They will get messy, but usually not enough to have their clothing changed, but just in case you may pack them a change of clothes, to feel comfortable.

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