Homeschool Group

Enhance your homeschool curriculum with Figment

We’ve expanded our Homeschool Group to three days a week — Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30AM to 2:30PM.

Due to COVID-19, we are limiting the size of our this program. You MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE. We will do as much as possible in our ample outdoor areas and encourage students to wear face masks while indoors. There will be no drop-in availability.

Please find our COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

Homeschool Group Enrollment Options
Monthly Plans:
1 day/week — $250/month
2 days/week — $425/month
3 days/week — $600/month

Figment’s Homeschool Group is designed to enrich your own curriculum with hands-on learning that’s rooted in S.T.E.A.M. principles. During each session, we spend time exploring the Discovery Lab, creating in the Process Art Studio and playing outside with friends.

Each, we explore a different topic, and students work on both guided and self-directed projects. With some notice, we’re happy to tailor activities to requested concepts and curriculum.

Homeschool Group at a glance

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday choices from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
  • Two groups – Each group is limited to 9 students
  • We would like to have a consistent group, so no drop ins allowed this year.
  • We will take full advantage of Figment’s open air classroom and do some lessons outdoors as well as inside.
  • Each student should bring a labeled bottle of water, a snack and a packed lunch. We’re a peanut free campus.


Refund Policy:
Refunds, prorates, and/or credits for monthly tuition are NOT issued under the following circumstances:
-Your child is absent
-If there is an unexpected school closure announced by your district.
-If Figment is closed due to a national holiday or school break, in correlation with AISD.
-In the event of an unexpected school closure due to weather, an emergency or natural disaster, including temporary closures due to COVID, tuition for that month will not be refunded or discounted.
-Your child is required to sit out of the program to quarantine

Cancellation Policy:
We require a notice of 10 business days, prior to your child’s last day at Figment Creative Labs.

This program integrates all the concepts we believe in at Figment: S.T.E.A.M. principles, maker mentality, process art and play-based learning.


Heard of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)? We believe that adding Art to the equation increases interest and fosters creativity. This hands-on approach to learning gets kids excited about learning and working together as a team.

Nature Experiences

We utilize our outdoor classroom where we learn through play, create, nurture @figmentsfurryfriends, garden, and build relationships.

Process Art

We believe the process of making art is more important than the outcome. Adults are there to guide children by providing the right materials, teaching technique and assisting along the way. When children take charge of their own creative process, they practice critical thinking, make their own decisions and build confidence along the way. As our artists get older and more interested in new mediums and techniques, we work on skill-building.

Maker Mentality

Our dedicated Maker Space expands on the foundation of STEAM. Students learn through hands-on and often collaborative projects. This project-based approach builds your maker’s confidence and encourages analytic problem-solving.

Play-Based Learning

Part of our child-directed philosophy is play-based learning. Play is the basis of experimental learning. The Discovery Lab offers something to engage everyone. It’s a place where your child can be anything, a fashion designer, an engineer, a scientist. They can also just grab a book or play a game with friends.

About the instructor

Figment owner and founder Amber Scardino began teaching process art classes seven years ago. These classes, held in her garage studio under the name Wee Warhols, were a natural extension of the art explorations she’d been leading for her young sons. As her boys and her students grew, she started adding more science, technology, engineering, and math. Partially to keep their interest and also to provide them a well rounded education. Amber is also a co-author of the book series STEAM Kids.