Halloween Ghost Sun Prints

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When the temperature lows start to get down to 98 here in Austin Texas, I know Fall has arrived.  I welcome it with a cup of pumpkin spiced something or other and get totally focused on Halloween and everything that comes a long with it.  Decorations, costumes, and Halloween crafts.  Today I had a super small class of one, yes that is correct.  Things move slow after  the busy summer season here at Wee Warhols.  M and I hung out and had a fabulous time.  I suggested we make something Halloween-ish.  She said, ” Sure, but nothing too scary.”  I said, “What about Halloween ghost sun prints?”  Even though we didn’t have very much sun.  She was very interested to find out what a sun print was.  I explained to her that we use sun paper to make the prints and it was an alternative process….  Then I said,” We can just try it and you will see what I mean.”  We drew a bunch of ghosts on scrap paper and cut them out.  I didn’t know how we were going to cut the eye holes out.  M had the brilliant idea of using a hole punch and just popping out a circle of holes.  Brilliant!

We took out the Sun Paper and placed our sheets on trays.  This would make it easy to transport and wash later.  We placed our ghosts down where we wanted them.  M wanted to do a family portrait, so she had two big ghosts and she was the little ghost.  I did the same with mine.  We covered the paper with clear plexiglass or a clear acrylic sheet to weigh it down, but still let light in.  Most kits come with one acrylic sheet.  We brought our trays outside and placed them in the sun.  After 5 minutes we washed our papers to stop the process.  Then we let them dry in the sun.

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Ghost Family Portraits

Other items that I like to use to make sun prints are : feathers, keys, shells, sand dollars, patient hands…

sun print, heart , hands, Wee Warhols, Austin
Hand Heart
sun print, heart , hands, Wee Warhols, Austin
Hand Heart










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