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Process Art- Bubble Wrap Wall Printing

This summer I created a mesh and PVC frame on our fence, for the Wee Warhols to engineer a large water wall on.  It was a great success!  I was worried that the kids would argue when building it, but they worked together amazingly.  It helped that I had everything […]

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Slime Stress Balls With A POP Of Fun – How To DIY

I saw a cool video on Facebook that inspired this project.  They were called Infectious disease slime filled stress balls or something like that.  I thought, “We can make that!”  So we set up our little test kitchen and got to work.  We tried a few different recipes to go […]

Large Outdoor Nature Loom- Garden Branch Weaving

Along time ago these huge sticks fell in our yard after a hard rain.  Can I tell you how much life we have gotten out of them?  I’ll just show you. Okay, this was the only photo I could find, but we have painted the sticks, yarn wrapped, fabric wrapped, […]

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Want to make a Bumble Bee Lovie Easy Craft?

  Tis the season and all of the Goodwills are “buzzing” with Halloween STUFF.  When I saw these yellow and black, (or is it black and yellow?) stockings I immediately thought BEE LOVIES!!  Although, I am sure they are meant for a “sexy bee”, whatever that means. Here is what […]