Month: September 2016

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Want to make a Bumble Bee Lovie Easy Craft?

  Tis the season and all of the Goodwills are “buzzing” with Halloween STUFF.  When I saw these yellow and black, (or is it black and yellow?) stockings I immediately thought BEE LOVIES!!  Although, I am sure they are meant for a “sexy bee”, whatever that means. Here is what […]

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Meri Cherry's Art Secrets

I would LOVE to share with you a friend of mine’s labor of love. If you are any of the following (but not limited to) you will benefit from it: an art teacher a teacher who incorporates art into your curriculum a caregiver or parent who likes to invite your […]

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Halloween Ghost Sun Prints

When the temperature lows start to get down to 98 here in Austin Texas, I know Fall has arrived.  I welcome it with a cup of pumpkin spiced something or other and get totally focused on Halloween and everything that comes a long with it.  Decorations, costumes, and Halloween crafts. […]

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Kids Glitter Experiment

Today we did a super easy experiment using glitter.  The girls were excited to do anything that involved purple glitter.  I will start with showing you a quick video of it.  (I stopped filming too soon, so the last word that I say is “move”.) Materials: Glitter Bowl of water […]