Month: January 2017

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Teaching Kids Color Value Using Coffee Paint

We have a friend who used to teach with the Montessori method.  I remember going over to her house a long time ago and she had these amazing antique hand coffee grinders. My boys fell in love with them and just sat there and ground up coffee beans forever.  Ever […]

STEAM KIDS Valentine's Day E-Book Available Now!

Happy January! And happy Valentine’s Day!! To celebrate, the STEAM KIDS team has a new mini-book for you, and a HUGE sale to kick it off!  (Right now, we are offering it as an ebook.) FOR THE LOVE OF STEAM… Just like STEAM Kids, STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day strives to […]

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Cork Sculpture – Process Art at Wee Warhols

We like to experiment with a lot of random materials at Wee Warhols art classes.  If I can repurpose and reuse something, even better!  What do I have a lot of?  Wine Corks.  I save them to use for sorting, building, sink/ float experimentation, and free form sculpture.  We started […]