STEAM KIDS Valentine's Day E-Book Available Now!

Happy January! And happy Valentine’s Day!! To celebrate, the STEAM KIDS team has a new mini-book for you, and a HUGE sale to kick it off!  (Right now, we are offering it as an ebook.)


Just like STEAM Kids, STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day strives to inspire our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to:

question like a scientist | design like a technologist | build like an engineer
create like an artist | deduce like a mathematician
– and, most importantly –
play like a kid.

STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day is packed with 14+ sweet projects perfect for February. All the activities are designed for ages 4-10 and are showcased in our typical easy to use, photo-rich format. Projects like:
Super Sized Crystal Hearts
Valentine’s Day Speakers
Magnetic Attraction
Rocket Valentines
LED Roses
And more…

Be sure to check out the STEAM challenge cards and bonus heart tessellations drawing activity too!

Valentine’s Day STEAM is a wonderful resource for teachers, parents, caregivers, and homeschoolers that want to spread love in an educational way!

STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day is a PDF ebook available for sale on only.

PDF download via $7.99
Launch price PDF download (now through 2/1/17): $4.99


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Valentine Bundle: STEAM Kids + STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day for $9.99 (now through 2/1/17 and $17.99 after the sale)
Bundle on

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And guess what!  Anyone who buys the original STEAM Kids physical book gets a free STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day ebook!
If you buy on, it will happen automatically, no coupon needed.

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If you buy on Amazon, please email for a coupon code.
Valentine Special Pricing (now through 2/1/17):

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I hope that sums it up.  Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments.


Thanks, Ms Amber