Art Supplies

Spoon Puppets and Creative Play

Creative play is essential in the development of a child.  When kids are acting, playing dress up, dancing, or creating visual art, they are experimenting with decision making.  At Figment, that is exactly what I like to promote.  I had a large box left over from a package delivery.  I […]

Marbling Paper For Holiday Cards

The other day I woke up with an idea.  The boys and I were going to make holiday cards using paper that we marbleized.  I made coffee, got them all excited about the idea of trying something new, got out the supplies that I thought we needed… When we sat […]

These are a few of our favorite things.

At Wee Warhols I love to introduce children to new mediums.  The more comfortable they become with them, the more confident they become.  Then they are able to explore the materials on their own to create freely. One of my all time favs are Twistable Slick Sticks. They are oil pastels […]