Figment Creative Kits -At Home

Figment At Home Kits are now live, but they’re limited and must be purchased before pick up.

  • They will be available for pick up at the studio from 2 to 4PM on Wednesday, April 22 or Friday, April 24.
  • Delivered if you are an essential worker in Austin ( 8 mile radius of studio).

Warning: Kits are for ages 3 and up. They contain small parts that could pose a choking risk for younger kiddos. The paint included in some kits is acrylic, which means it will stain. I packed the kits alone and did my best to be safe, using clean hands, etc. Please use your own judgement when opening and using the kits.

Available Kits

Mermaid Habitat Kit

Mermaid Habitat Kit comes with the art supplies to create a small world. It includes a terra cotta base, wooden lighthouse and paint) blue Play Doh for the “water,” blue gravel, glass beads, stickers, a large seashell and a sparkly mermaid tail to stick into the play doh as your mermaid dives beneath the imaginary waves.

Each scene will turn out uniquely and according to your child’s creativity!

Farm Kit

Figment’s Playing Farm Kits are a starting off point for your child’s imaginative play and includes acrylic paint (which does stain clothing) to decorate the truck and barn.

Fairy Fantasy Play Dough Kit

Figment’s Fantasy Play Dough Kits open a door to your child’s imagination and to a wonderland they create. There is no right or wrong, but the kit will include a few tips to success and a good play dough recipe, in case you’d like to make some more. Your child can use markers or paint to create details on the fairies and even turn the butterfly wings into fairy wings if they like.

Playing House Kit

Figment’s Playing House Block Kits are a starting off point for your child’s imaginative play. Children can add color using paint, tape, markers, glue, yarn, googly eyes, fabric… the possibilities are endless!

Ocean Sensory Calm Down Tubes

Kit includes tube, shells, beads, plastic sea creature, water beads, glitter and instructions
You’ll need from home: water, baby oil or vegetable oil, a tiny bit of blue food coloring (optional)

See more than you ever wanted to see about sensory tubes here: