Marbling Paper For Holiday Cards

marbling paper, holiday cards, Wee Warhols, Austin TX, how to marble paper
Marbling Paper for Holiday Cards

The other day I woke up with an idea.  The boys and I were going to make holiday cards using paper that we marbleized.  I made coffee, got them all excited about the idea of trying something new, got out the supplies that I thought we needed… When we sat down with the marbling kit that I found in the art closet, we realized that it was not going to be so easy.  The kit contained things like Methocel, Alum, it required ammonia, had multiple steps and wait time.  This was not a kit for children, it was designed for professionals with good ventilation.  After wasting a bit of time on this and some disappointed children, I decided to do a little research and ordered Innovation Marbling Kit, Japanese Suminagashi .  This product is so easy and fun and nontoxic!  Suminagashi inks are not ordinary dyes.  They are pigment inks made by high grade cosmetic pigment with P.V.A. via a special process.  (Don’t ask me to elaborate.  That is what the box says.)

Marbling Paper, Holiday Cards, Art class, Austin TX, how to marble paper
Marbling Paper for Holiday Cards

Today my Wee Warhols class had a go at it.  The kids were amazed. The colors were so vibrant.  This activity held their attention for quite a while.  I would definitely recommend trying it!  All you need are the dyes and water.  We used card stock, but it can also be used on fabric.  I can’t wait to give that a try.  This art paper would also be wonderful for thank you cards following Christmas.

marbling paper, holiday cards, Wee Warhols. Austin TX, how to marble paper
Marbling Paper




  1. Wow, these guys are really cool. They are making cards and the cards look amazing! I have planned to do something different in the new year party. I am really glad to find these cool ideas. Thanks for this great blog.