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Elf On The Shelf Strikes AGAIN! Love or hate?

In 2014, after winding down from a doll house renovation obsession, I was left with lots of little dollhouse remnants.  It didn’t take long before I had an idea on how to repurpose the various chairs, accessories, clothes, and other things. This idea led me to my next pre “occupation”: […]

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30 Christmas Ornaments By Maggy Woodley – Red Ted Art

With the holidays approaching, it is a wonderful time to start thinking about family traditions and fun, festive art projects to do with the kids.  Each year when we get down the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree, I love seeing the ones my husband made as a child, as […]

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We didn’t know what to expect two months ago when we launched the STEAM KIDS book.  We knew that we were passionate about it and what we all do, but we did not know that it would be so well accepted or so needed.  The reviews and the love have […]