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With the holidays approaching, it is a wonderful time to start thinking about family traditions and fun, festive art projects to do with the kids.  Each year when we get down the Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree, I love seeing the ones my husband made as a child, as well as the ones with our family photos.  I try to make new ornaments and decorations with the kids each year so we can cherish these personalized treasures in future years.  As the kids grow, you can see how their skills and abilities grow as well.  When I think about Christmas, I think about family, time spent together, an abundance of wonderful food, and Christmas crafts.  If you’re starting to think about fun holiday crafts to make over the winter break, look no further.  Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art has come out with a great new ebook called 30 Christmas Ornaments –Creative fun for the Whole Family.

In case you aren’t familiar with Maggy’s work, she’s a mother, author, craft master, YouTube sensation, and she runs the powerhouse website www.redtedart.com.  Red Ted Art is dedicated to bringing fun, cute and doable crafts to its readers.  So does Maggy’s  Christmas ornament book.    No need to keep searching Pinterest for the perfect holiday crafts, she ties them all up with a ribbon for you.  Maggy separates the projects into three skill levels, which makes choosing a project easy.  Projects mainly use everyday craft materials and are linked to a handy supply list.


I chose to do the Santa Cork ornaments with my Wee Warhols class, since they are so stinking cute.  My boys and I did some of the prep work the day before, so the paint would be dry and ready to go.  Look how cute they came out!  I can see a parent holding on to this keepsake.  I wrote the year on the bottom of each little Santa.  Although we did have a planned result in mind with this craft, it was fun to see each child’s interpretation.  Each Santa is a little bit different.


My boys and I couldn’t resist getting inspired by Maggy’s Ice Ornaments.  Since we live in Texas, where it rarely drops below 60 degrees, we improvised by using the freezer.  They had a ball melting and excavating our nature finds from the ice.  


If you would like to make some cute Christmas crafts as a family activity this year, make sure you order this ebook today.  It’s only $7.99 and guarantees lots of bonding and craft time with your loved ones,while together you create ornaments and forever memories.


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