Elf On The Shelf Strikes AGAIN! Love or hate?

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In 2014, after winding down from a doll house renovation obsession, I was left with lots of little dollhouse remnants.  It didn’t take long before I had an idea on how to repurpose the various chairs, accessories, clothes, and other things. This idea led me to my next pre “occupation”: Elf Accessory Kits.  (Shop now closed due to elf exhaustion.)

Incase you haven’t heard, they sell these things called Elf on the shelf.  The little elf flies in right after Thanksgiving, just in time to make sure your little one is being good under Santa’s watchful eye.  Your elf watches over and reports back to Santa with a message each night.  Since I used to enjoy this tradition, I thought that I could give parents the tools to set up their own little scenarios.  For many, the holidays can be a ball of stress; who needs the extra panic every night of, “Where is Elfie going to show up next?”  “Did you move the elf?!”  My plan was to save parents time and take the prep work out of it.  I did not sell the actual Elf On The Shelf, only the accessories to help parents discover their own creativity.  The kit included enough supplies to create a fun new scene, to place Elf in each night for a month. It came with fun tools, suggestions, and print outs, and a surprise item to boot. Some were intended to be funny while others  were intended to help guide your child in actually getting a visit from Santa.  For example, it included a progress report to Santa, hello and goodbye note, Naughty and Nice list… a notebook for your elf to keep track of ups and downs in your child’s behavior for the day. Things that allowed parents the ability to sleep easy, knowing that your elf is strategically placed and ready for a new day.  I had lots of mom friends eager to buy their TOP SECRET kits.  (Which came in a box labeled TOP SECRET.)  I would meet them in carpool lines and slip the secret stash of elf ware right by their kids.  They were so relieved about this stressor being taken away from them.  They thanked me graciously and sped off.

Elf on the shelf, elf, Wee Warhols, Austin tx, Christmas tradition, holiday season, top secret operation, santa's helper
One Happy Stress Free Mama

 But it wasn’t quite as fun for me any more.  I was Elfed out.  I had put so much thought into their personalized boxes, that when it came time for me to hide our Elfie, oh what a chore.  This month of work took all the elf love out of me and left me with only elf resentment.  If I factor the time and energy I put into this project, let’s just say I did not come out ahead.  Lesson learned, if you enjoy something, don’t offer to do it for everyone, you may get burnt out.

My boys love Elfie and miss him.  Personally I am prepared to use whatever I can to keep them from acting up and from hurting one another, but I am relieved that I will only be amusing them with Elfie’s shananagans and other parent’s will have to fend for themselves this holiday season.  I guess it is time for Elf to visit again…

Do you love or hate this tradition?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  Happy Holidays!