Let’s Have A Tea Party!

Fancy Tea Party
Fancy Tea Party

At Figment’s Creative Preschool, we like finding mindful ways to pause and connect with one another. That can be as simple as singing together at circle time and checking with friends when they’re hurt or sad or as extra special as holding a fancy tea party. The kids were really excited for our tea party and it turned out to be a great activity that I suggest you try at home with your family.

Tea Party Basics:

Instead of just pouring some tea and sitting down together, we made our tea party a bit of an event. We talked about it in advance and included the kiddos in the preparations, which they loved. Here are some of the things that worked best for us:

A nod to the Mad Hatter

Breaking news: Kids love costumes. Me made special tea time hats using:

  • Paper bowls
  • a hole punch
  • yarn
  • tissue paper
  • paint

If you have artificial flowers or buttons, those would be awesome additions. Again, you don’t have to have these exact supplies. Gather what you have and let their creativity get to work.

Let’s Party!

What to serve

Ms Amy made finger sandwiches with the kids. They spread strawberry jelly on bread and used cookie cutters to cut out little shapes. You could also try cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. (Rider loves to make those at home.)

As for tea, we brewed caffeine free herbal teas. It’s a good way to encourage trying new things. Not everyone loved the tea, but the tea party was a hit.

Setting the scene (and the table)

I found these small tea cups at Ikea that are perfect, but you could use a mixed up selection from Goodwill or old coffee cups, or whatever you have around the house. Believe me, the kids don’t care.

To set the scene, we put out table cloths and the kids helped make an arrangement of flowers. If you don’t have any fresh or artificial on hand, challenge your kids to make their own with tissue paper and pipe cleaners (or any other supplies you’ve rustled up).

Amber Scardino

Sneak in a lesson

This is a great time to discuss table manners like putting your napkin on your lap, chewing with your mouth closed, keeping elbows off the table and waiting for everyone before you start eating… I know, what a bore, but in this setting, they were into it.

Pinkies Up Guys!

Incorporate a story

Miss Amy and her class read Miss Spider’s Tea Party by Davis Kirk to get in the mood for their very fancy get together.

It’s tea time! Invite your lovies, and mom and dad!

Tea Party Time, Excellent!