Month: May 2016

Wee Warhols Found Stick Art

My boys and I love to find things and make something new from them. We also love to make art with things found in nature. Lately we have been finding sticks that we think resemble something, then we paint them to look more like what we see.  First you have […]

Wee Warhols Confetti Egg Stomp (Action, Process Art)

Around Easter I bought a bunch of confetti-filled Cascarones from the grocery store.  My boys had a fabulous time throwing them at each other and breaking them on each other’s heads.  They did spare a few that I saved for the Wee Warhols to make some fun action, process art […]

Wee Warhols Human Bubble

With Wee Warhols summer camp approaching, I have been reminiscing about water days past.  There was one rainy summer day that we brought water day indoors.  Nothing stops us from having fun!  I filled up a small pool with gallons and gallons of bubbles.  I have seen homemade bubble recipes, […]

Wee Warhols DIY Ship In A Bottle

When I saw these Central Market Artesian square water bottles, I thought,” ship in a bottle”,  since they lay flat and don’t roll. I traced one side of the bottle on outdoors scrapbooking paper .  (I love to use this paper for backgrounds in my Lego Minifigures photography.) I showed the Wee Warhols three […]