Wee Warhols Found Stick Art

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Stick Art

My boys and I love to find things and make something new from them. We also love to make art with things found in nature.

stick dolls, stick people, Wee Warhols, Austin TX
Stick Dolls ( Idea from Red Ted Art )
decorated sticks, Wee Warhols, Austin TX
Decorated Sticks
painted leaf, Wee Warhols, art class, Austin TX
Watercolor Leaf

Lately we have been finding sticks that we think resemble something, then we paint them to look more like what we see.  First you have to find a stick that you think resembles something.  That is the hardest part.  We have had the most luck with sticks we have found in parking lots that have been run over.  Don’t ask me why.  We spray the stick with with flat white spray primer to prepare our canvas.  We spray paint it with a base color.  Then we paint details or add google eyes.

stick art, painted fish, Wee Warhols, Artclass , Austin, TX
Painted Fish

If you like this project, you may want to check out the book Playbook- Fun With Found Objects, where Roger Chouinard features his illustrations made around found objects.  Please share in the comments any found stick art that you make.  I would love to see what you find in nature.