Month: December 2015

Holiday Traditions and Wood Cookies

The other night after the Christmas tree was up, somewhat decorated, and a few bulbs broken by little hands…my husband came up with the sweetest new family tradition.  He knows that I have a  kind of odd obsession with wood cookies.  I have been known to take large limbs from […]

String Art Star Tree Topper

At Wee Warhols we have been in full force holiday preparation mode… even when we don’t intend to be. I had a Ladies Art Night at the house the other night. We made string art. So many creative ladies with such great ideas. If you haven’t heard, Wee Warhols offers […]

Pre-K Class Visit

Today I visited my son’s pre-K class to talk with the children about what I do while R is in class. I love this idea! (credit Ms. Jennifer) I think that it is important that the children know that while they are working hard on their jobs in school, that […]

Hello World- From Wee Warhols

Hello blogosphere. My name is Amber Scardino. I started Wee Warhols – Children’s Art Classes two and a half years ago (June 4, 2013). My husband wrote a VERY lengthy and sweet biography about me on the Wee Warhols Facebook page , but in short I started Wee Warhols because […]