Pre-K Class Visit

Today I visited my son’s pre-K class to talk with the children about what I do while R is in class. I love this idea! (credit Ms. Jennifer) I think that it is important that the children know that while they are working hard on their jobs in school, that we are working hard at our jobs. Wether it be teaching art, being a SAHM or SAHD, being a doctor, computer programmer, or yoga instructor (to name a few I have heard about thus far).

I packed up my big tool box of unconventional art tools and brought it in to show them that you can make art with so many fun things, not just a paint brush or pencil.
The tool box included: a paint brush and pencil…, a hammer and hand drill for building, a screwdriver for tinkering, a plunger (Which I had to reassure them had only been used for painting), a hand mixer for splatter paint, feather duster, flyswatter, syringe, eye dropper…

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tools of the trade
Their eyes lit up as they checked out the tools and we discussed what could be done with them. Oh, the possibilities!

Since I include a lot of science in the art classes, I brought an experiment in to do with them. I asked if they thought we could blow up a balloon without blowing at all. They said, “NO!”
I pulled out a large jug with some vinegar in it. Ms. Jennifer kindly added baking soda to a balloon while I held it open. I stretched the balloon over the top of the bottle. I had a volunteer in the class dump the baking soda into the vinegar and we watched the balloon fill up with carbon dioxide gas!!!! They were so excited:)
I kept it simple, but if you are interested:
Sodium bicarbonate + acetic acid= carbon dioxide + water + sodium ion + acetate ion

Then I just offered the kids some card stock and a variety of materials to work with and said go for it. I want the kids to get used to using all types of art materials in my class, so they feel comfortable to go out on their own and make art.
I don’t want them to think about what’s right or wrong, good or bad. It is about the process, not the product. This builds the confidence to want to continue to create.

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