Hello World- From Wee Warhols

Hello blogosphere. My name is Amber Scardino. I started Wee Warhols – Children’s Art Classes two and a half years ago (June 4, 2013). My husband wrote a VERY lengthy and sweet biography about me on the Wee Warhols Facebook page , but in short I started Wee Warhols because I was home with my two incredibly energetic and inquisitive boys and keeping them busy with projects is what kept them somewhat calm, and me somewhat sane. My friends encouraged me to pursue my dream of opening my own home based art studio, so I could share what we were doing with other kids (mostly their kids at the time). It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am my own boss, I set my own hours, I get to share my love of art with children and watch them grow and bud into little artists. We do a lot of action art where the children use their whole bodies to express themselves. We love to tinker, deconstruct, build, explore technology… I integrate lots of science, math, and history into our art lessons in fun ways. Wee Warhols offers very process-focused art experiences. I want making art to be a joyful experience, without the pressure of “right” and “wrong”. Wee Warhols art classes help children develop fine motor skills, expand creativity, introduce many different mediums, and promote self esteem. With this blog I plan to share our Wee Warhols art activities. I am a mother, an art teacher, and constantly feel the need to create. I would like to share what I have learned, what the children are teaching me, and hopefully learn somethings from whomever takes the time to read this blog and would like to comment.