– is it a nut free facility?  YES
– do they have a daily schedule? Yes.  Each class has a schedule that we stick to, to keep with the flow of the campus and optimize the experience for each age group.  While we do like to keep to a routine, emergent curriculum is a philosophy of teaching and way of planning curriculum that focuses on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences, so some activities are child led and we go with the flow… 
– do they need their lunch? A snack too? Water bottle?  Yes, Yes, and Yes (Nut Free Please) Please label water bottles and lunch boxes.
– should they bring an extra pair of clothing? shoes?  That may be a good idea.  Especially if you know your child is prone to accidents.  As always, dress for mess.  Please send your children with weather appropriate gear.
– is there a supply fee? $185.  every semester (9 weeks) for Creative Preschool
– what is their plan in the case of emergency? (aka stranger coming onto the property, kid needing medical attention, etc)  We fill out accident reports and send a copy home no matter how big or small.  Your child’s safety and well being is our number one concern.  We feel like we are a very secure facility with locks, gates, and a emergency alarm that goes directly to the police.  Hopefully we would never be faced with a scare like that, but feel prepared if needed.
– Is the property secure? Can my kid just walk out, or are doors and gates able to shut and lock?  We do have a gate that locks and should always be kept closed on Elijah street.  If you arrive and need to get in, please call 512-775-8687 Amber’s cell or for the gate code.  We have another pad lock on our other gate that can only be unlocked by a member of our staff.
– What is the drop off procedure? Can I drop off for 8:30? 8:45?  We would prefer you stick to the drop off and pick up times, unless you specifically talk to us about early drop off or late pick up before hand.  Otherwise we may not be ready for you.
– What is the best place to park and where do I come in?  Please park on Elijah St. and enter at main gate.  We do not use the front door for safety purposes.
– Are there cubbies/lockers for my kids things?  Yes there are in the Creative Preschool, but we use the carts for workshops. Each regular student is supplied with their own set of supplies for safety.
– what kind of shoes are best? Will they be allowed to go barefoot?  Play shoes are always best.  They should wear something that they can run and play in and is weather appropriate.  The rocks in the yard can get hot and pokey, so let’s keep our shoes on outside.  We will take out shoes off inside as a safety measure.
– Are there animals there?  Yes, and quite a variety @figmentsfurryfriends We feel that being around animals nutures empathy and responsibility.  Please alert us if your child has an allergy, so we can keep them healthy.
– Do they have all my information if they need to contact me? We use Sawyer registration software to keep all your contact info handy. Please update your info as needed when you receive the welcome email.
– Can I list a second or third person for pick up (ex. other parent or grandparent)?  Yes, please let us know if anyone else plans to pick your child up.
– What is the pick up procedure? Can I pick up at 2:15? 2:30? Program hours are exact class times. Pick up time is promptly at the end of class (unless we have already talked about it) (you may pick up your child earlier, if you like). The late pick-up fee is $5 for the first 15 minutes, and $5 for each 5-minute interval thereafter.
– Do they have a file on my kid with pertinent information? Yes
– What forms of discipline do they have?  Rules: Respect Yourself Respect Each Other Respect Our Things/ Environment Work and Play Safely

We handle all situations one on one with a child.  We treat the kids with total respect.  Sometimes they just need some quiet time to sit and reflect on behavior.

  1. First Incident: Verbal Warning 2. Second Incident: Break from activity given; not to exceed the age of the child in minutes. 3. Talk with Parents
– How will they handle disruptive behavior/bullying?  We have a no tolerance policy for bullying.  
– Will they let us know the activities for the month or week? No More about emergent curriculum. 
– Will there be others on the property while my kids are there (like not teachers)?  Only staff 

Attendance is the responsibility of the participant. Failure to attend a class does not entitle a participant to a transfer or refund. Make-ups are not available, and fees are not prorated for absences.-Please keep your child home if they have a fever of 99.4 or greater. Please return to camp 24 hours after fever subsides and fever -reducing medications have not been given in the past 8 hours. Added for Covid-19 times: https://figmentcreativelabs.com/figments-covid-19-safety-plan/