Day Camps

Our Day Camps run throughout the year during Austin Independent School District’s school holidays and teacher workdays.

Camps run from 9AM to 2PM and students are encouraged to dress for mess. If your child is prone to accidents, it’s not a bad idea to pack an extra change of clothing.

Ages 3 (and potty trained) to 12 are welcome and students are divided into groups by age, giving each child the chance to explore the projects and activities best suited to their developmental stage. Weather permitting, we all have snack time and lunch outside as a large group.

Students should bring a snack, lunch and water bottle. These items should be:

  • Peanut FREE —The safety of all our friends is our top priority and we are a peanut free campus. No exceptions. If PB&Js are a go-to at your house, we recommend sunflower seed butter, a readily available and nut free alternative. (We take each child’s allergy into consideration and alert families accordingly.)
  • LABELED — We see a lot of otherwise identical lunch bags, bento boxes and water bottles. This cuts down on the confusion.
  • READY TO EAT — Our small kitchen is not suited to preparing food for large groups and when our staff members are busy looking after campers, they don’t have time to break away to microwave lunches.

Cancellation Policy:

For a standard refund, all cancellations must be made a full 24 hours before start of camp. (We do NOT accept AMEX.)

We understand that emergencies happen and kids wake up sick. Even if you realize only an hour before camp that your child can’t make it, please let us know. We often have a waitlist and if we can fill your child’s empty place, we’ll be able to refund your purchase.

Illnesses: Please keep your child home if they have a fever of 99.4° or higher. They may return to camp 24 hours after fever subsides as long as fever-reducing medications have not been administered in the past 8 hours.