May Your 2016 Be Bright

2016 is upon us.  What will your New Year’s resolution be?  Last year I resolved to do everything better.  I even wrote it on a post it note and stuck it on my bathroom mirror to remind myself… just incase I forgot.  This was a pretty broad resolution and hard […]

Wee Warhols Holiday Workshop 2015

Once again, the Wee Warhols Holiday Workshop was a success!  This was our 3rd year and it is so much fun for me and the kids.  We make tons of holiday decorations and gifts for our family and loved ones.  This year the kids made cards, nature ornaments, action art […]

Magnets That Tell A Story

If you are trying to come up with last minute personalized gifts for friends and family, this was a fun project I did with a ladies church group.  I collected a bunch of Altoids containers and took the lids off.  You could use either side, but the deep side worked […]

Action Art Christmas Ornaments- Studying Movement

One of my favorite things to include in the Wee Warhols art classes is action art!  We like to include movement when creating art.  Kids don’t want to sit still.  They don’t want to be confined to a chair in a classroom.  So, we like to paint with fly swatters, […]