Process Art

Abstract Sculpture- Recycled Kid's Craft

Have you ever heard of Shrinky Dinks?  It is a creative product where you draw on the plastic or trace things, then melt them in the oven and they shrink down.  They are really cool, since you can put all this detail in the drawings then they shrink down to […]

Process Art- Popsicle Stick Sculpture

I’m going to keep this one super simple.  Basically you supply the little creator in your life with the right materials (popsicle or craft sticks and a low temp glue gun) and some trust and supervision and see where they take it.  These creative thinkers built up! Little builders, inventors, […]

Kid's Craft Cupcakes- Guess what the secret ingredient is!

I have a secret that I am dying to tell you!  I discovered the cutest kid’s craft idea, that costs around 13 cents per canvas (cupcake).  It’s so easy and cute!  Let me tell you how it came about. I have seen photos on Instagram and LOVE Meri Cherry’s cardboard […]

Cork Sculpture – Process Art at Wee Warhols

We like to experiment with a lot of random materials at Wee Warhols art classes.  If I can repurpose and reuse something, even better!  What do I have a lot of?  Wine Corks.  I save them to use for sorting, building, sink/ float experimentation, and free form sculpture.  We started […]