The Summer of the Giant Rainbow Water Blob


As summer draws to an end and the little ones head back to school, we’d like to reminisce on how magical Figment Summer Camp Water Days were at our new location! Figment Creative Labs has a tradition of holding a “water day” every Friday during summer camp. Campers come dressed in their bathing suits ready to partake in some good ol’ fashion backyard-style water fun! This typically included a few small kiddie pools, potions tables, water beads, slip n’ slide, water balloon sling shots, and water rockets just to name a few. At our new location however, our outdoor space quadrupled in size, and our campers grew in number from 15 last summer to 51 at our busiest week! So we knew we were going to have to up the ante on water activities we planned for each Friday. Enter the Giant Rainbow Water Blob. Ana had made a giant rainbow water blob for her son a few summers back, so she knew how to do it. Each week, she would lay out four large rectangles of painters plastic and heat up her trusty iron to make the four blobs that sat on the pea gravel in the center of our courtyard. Amber would come into work at 5:00 AM on Fridays to start the task of filling up the blobs, which took about 3 hours to complete.

All this work was so worth it when we saw the look of excitement and felt the palpable joy that each camper experienced as they crawled, rolled, and relaxed on the colorful outdoor water beds. The blobs are great for all ages, and the best part about them is they are relatively safe, inexpensive to make, and you get a lot of bang for your buck as they can entertain a ton of kids! And since the water was not polluted by harsh chemicals or chlorine you have to use in swimming pools, at the end of the day, we were able to use the water on our native plants garden and grass lawn as part of our weekly watering schedule.

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If you’d like to make your own water blob, you can check out the detailed instructions on the Instructable site here.

Adios water blobs…until next summer!