Holiday Gift Guide For Young Artists

Holiday gift guide for young artists, art supplies, christmas gift guide, art kid, Wee Warhols, Austin Texas

The holidays are approaching and you will be playing Santa’s elves soon.  Ever since last Christmas my son has been building a Christmas gift list for Santa.  It conveniently stays by the living room television, since he just writes down whatever he sees being sold during commercials.  I am sure Santa will visit that long list for ideas, but I would like to share with you a holiday gift guide for young artists.  These products have been truly tested by my Wee Warhols students and art teacher approved.  Fill your home or classroom with the right supplies to spark creativity!

  1.  Let’s start with the basics.  Good strong paper:  Card Stock PaperWatercolor Paper | A Good Sketch Pad
  2. Liquid Watercolor or  Colorations Brand liquid watercolor.  I also use Gel Food Coloring mixed with water as an alternative.
  3. Sax Non-Toxic Giant Tempera Paint Cakes
  4. A Clay Pasta Roller
  5. Sculpey Oven Bake Clay Sampler
  6.  Crayola Twistables Slick Stix -These oil pastels go on smooth and vibrant.  The plastic covering keeps kid’s hands clean.
  7. Polaroid Camera with all the fixins This is a great way to introduce photography to your young artist.
  8. Buddha Board  Great way to learn about Transient Art and the art log letting go.
  9. A good art set.
  10. Faber-Castell Young Artist Texture Painting Set
  11. Kid Made Modern Art Tool Box
  12. Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun (Use with supervision, but these are safer than normal high temperature glue guns.  The possibilities are endless!)
  13. Tempera Paints – Great for everyday painting projects! Nontoxic and Washable!
  14. MALA IKEA Paint Brushes (Inexpensive brushes with good bristles.)
  15. Acrylic Paint Set -For more permanent projects. (Will stain.)
  16. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel (These are great as a gift set, but you can find good inexpensive ones at IKEA.)  Read a great post about Easel Painting For Kids by Meri Cherry.
  17. Bleeding Tissue Paper is really fun to work with.  You may want a Spray Bottle to go along with this.
  18. Drawing Paper Roll or Large Kraft Paper Roll
  19. Fun Chalk Markers – Ideal for Blackboards, Windows, Non-porous Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Plastics, Bistro Boards, Mirrors, Teachers, Kids, Arts and Crafts, Office and More
  20. Chalk Pastels (Great on their own or for layering in projects.)
  21. If you are brave or have older kids Sharpie Markers are a must have.  (They will stain, so I suggest adult supervision.)
  22. Transparent Con-Tact Paper This is great to make suncatchers with.  (You can also buy this at Dollar Tree.)
  23. I would recommend any kind of craft punch.  They keep kids busy for ages, and have a lot of possibilities.
  24. The two main Process Art books that I recommend are: ART WORKSHOP- for children by Barbara Rucci and The Artful Parent by Jean Van’t Hul
  25. Of course I have to add the STEAM KIDS and STEAM KIDS Christmas books for STEAM related projects.

*Don’t forget to save all the cardboard boxes the art materials come in, to break down and use as canvas.  You can even pick up some Flat White Spray Primer to cover the cardboard with.  I actually use this primer all the time, to make EVERYTHING a canvas.  I recommend picking a few of these items (if possible) and bundle them together as a gift to get your young artist creating.  Happy Holidays!

christmas list, original Wee Warhol, Austin, Wee Warhols
The original Wee Warhol and his larger than life Christmas list.

STEAM KIDS Christmas holiday book, STEM projects, Wee Warhols