How to make everything GLOW! Create Fun Halloween Sensory Experiences

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Glow “Worms”

I am so excited to share with you a super fun trick that I learned from 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids, by Asia Citro.  (What a great book!)  Two words, Glow Vitamins .  We had some spooky sensory fun with them today at Wee Warhols.  We made glow paint and played around with some other glow sensory materials, by using a black light and glow vitamins.

What you will need:

  • Glow Vitamins You can find them at your local grocery store.  Look on the back label of B-Complex or B-50 vitamins.  This is what works best: thiamin-50mg, riboflavin-50mg, niacin-50mg, vitamin B6-50mg, folic acid-400mcg, vitamin B12-50mcg, biotin-50mcg, and pantothenic acid-50mg.
  • Mortar and Pestle for crushing vitamin into fine powder
  • black lights (I suggest getting two, but one can work fine.)
  • diet tonic water (with quinine added) -diet is less sticky
  • aloe vera gel or cheap gel shampoo
  • shaving cream
  • cooked pasta or anything else you want to use as a sensory material
homemade glow in the dark paint, Wee Warhols, art class, austin, glow vitamins
Homemade Glow Paint

We started out by crushing up a glow vitamin and adding the fine powder to some aloe vera gel to make glow paint.  It was a little thick, so we added some tonic water to thin it out a bit.  The quinine in the tonic water makes things glow, but mostly it is the glow vitamin powder that does the trick.

glow in the dark shaving cream, sensory, Wee Warhols, Austin, art class
Glow Shaving Cream

Next we added a crushed up glow vitamin to shaving cream and played around with that using the black lights.  You could also paint with this using a brush or your fingers.  For the glow finale we wet some left over pasta with some of the diet tonic water and added glow powder to make “glow worms”.

Tis the season to make everything glow.  It is a fun sensory experience tactilely and visually.  Tomorrow we will make some glow slime.

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