Gift Bags That Make Any Gift A Special One

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Wee Warhols Valentine Gift Bags

This project was inspired by a pin that I saw on Pinterest a few years ago.  Tasha at A Little Sweetness wrote about an adorable Country Picnic Party that she threw for her four year old daughter at the time.  I loved her birthday treat bags!  I loved the vintage floral fabrics that she used, mixed with the doilies and paper bags.  It was the perfect combination of sweet and delicate, natural and simple.  I thought that they would make really sweet treat bags for Valentine’s Day.  I decided to make a few as Valentine gifts for my boy’s teachers.  We filled the bags with candy and art from the boys.  I hope they like them.

I have a secret love for gift wrapping, although I rarely have time to put much energy into it.  It seems like we go to a child’s birthday party every other weekend.  You would think that knowing this I would be more prepared, with pre bought gifts on hand and a closet full of wrapping supplies. Instead, Saturday mornings often include a quick trip to a toy store and over priced last minute gift bags.  My point is, this morning there was no party and I had time to work on these sweet bags.  I think using a large sack lunch bag you could come up with endless variations of this project to fit any occasion and maybe have them on hand to make whatever you put inside that much better.  The love that goes into them shows and makes any gift a thoughtful one.

Valentine gift bags, treat bags, Valentine's Crafts, Wee Warhols, Austin TX, gift bags

Here is what you will need:

  1. large brown paper lunch sacks
  2. fabric of your choice
  3. scissors
  4. glue (spray, Mod Podge Fabric glue… you choose)
  5. string, yarn, ribbon
  6. hole punch or grommet punch, or stapler
  7. doilies
  8. imagination and whatever else you think looks cool

Valentine treat bad, Valentine gift bag, Wee Warhols, Austin TX

You will start out by tracing the width of the paper bag.  Cut out your fabric  long enough to go over evenly, with the center over the opening of the bag.  Cut the long fabric into two equal pieces.  I folded the lunch sack opening and then glued the fabric on where I wanted it.  I used Mod Podge Fabric glue and that worked well.  That is not to say another glue wouldn’t do the job.  You can always staple the bag shut like I did on one bag or just keep it folded.  I wanted to add bows that tied the bags shut, by punching a hole through the fabric and bag.  That is when I thought ,”Oh no, how am I going to do that?”  Luckily, I had a grommet punch that worked like a charm.  I don’t expect everyone to own a grommet punch, so you may want to use a hole punch on the bag or think out your craft strategy before hand.

Valentine treat bags, Valentine gift bags, Wee Warhols, Austin TX Valentine treat bags, Valentine gift bags, Wee Warhols, Austin TX Wee Warhols, Valentine craft, Austin TX

Now you just decorate it however you like.  What theme are you going for?  What looks good to you?  What other supplies do you have that you want to use?  I used fabric tape as trim on one. I LOVE fabric tape since I am not so great with the sewing machine. I leave all the seamstress work to my husband. Yes, that is what I said;)  Add your doilies, hearts, stars…  I promise that a well crafted gift bag will always be appreciated, if only for a minute.  While you are at it, make extras so you have them on hand when you are doing that last second weekend birthday party dash.

I had to use this arrow print fabric that I found at The Stitch Lab in Austin for Valentine's Day!
I had to use this arrow print fabric that I found at The Stitch Lab in Austin for Valentine’s Day!



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