Reminders to Take Time to Make Time- Holiday Strewing

texas santa, wee warhols, Austin TX
Santa in the Texas sun

Facebook has been very good lately about reminding us of what we were doing in previous years on a daily basis.  I love this since it gets me back on track when I am having a bad day.  The boys will have been fighting, the dogs won’t stop barking, I don’t seem to have the hours in the day to accomplish what I need to do…  Saying all that, I still check Facebook and there they are, my two little babies in the hot Texas sun just a few years ago sitting on Santa’s lap.  So sweet, so small, so bald…

Facebook did it again the other day when up popped a photo from a year ago when I had set up Christmas colored legos and enticed them with hot chocolate.

legos, christmas, Wee Warhols, Austin, TX

I love setting up projects or “strewing”.  Strewing is basically setting out something new or interesting that will attract their interest.  I don’t know about your home, but this seems to really work in mine.  They may not be interested, but if other distractions are cleared away and their is a focus, my children seem to really delve into a project and it gives mama a chance to breathe.  Or yet, work with them on a project that doesn’t involve loud yelling or stress.  It takes a tiny bit of planning ahead, but I think it is worth the quality time or quiet time that follows.


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