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After five wonderful years as Wee Warhols – Children’s Art Classes, we have grown beyond my backyard and garage and blossomed into Figment Creative Labs! We have a rockin’ new location with tons of indoor and outdoor space and have adopted a cute new Dinocorn logo as well. Thanks to everyone for helping us grow into a full art/STEAM creative school!

Amber Scardino, Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas
Owner, Art Guide

Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas

Nothing has changed really. We did add a few new sparkly teachers and some chicken and rabbit mascots, but our philosophy is the same. Figment Creative Labs strives to build a warm community based on creativity, love, and art as a form of nourishment for the soul.

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Our creative classes will help children develop fine motor skills, expand creativity, introduce many different mediums, and promote self esteem.  We focus on process art with the young, skill building as the kids get older, implementing our own creativity, learn through play, we embrace the Maker mentality and have a love for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math).  Come let your imaginations run wild! We offer something for all ages.

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Figment Creative Labs water wall in action!


Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, Amber ScardinoAmber is a mother of two boys and a lover of all things creative.  Amber started teaching art classes out of her garage five years ago.  What started out as Wee Warhols, has grown into Figment Creative Labs- a place where imaginations run wild.  Amber is a co-author of the book series  STEAM Kids .STEAM Kids promotes Science Technology Engineering Art and Math in creative ways. With the new brick and mortar, she hopes to inspire creativity in people of all ages, bring families together through art, and encourage learning through play and exploring one’s own creativity.  Art should be a stress free process promoting self esteem and confidence.

Ana has taught S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) courses for over fifteen years – first in Austin, and then internationally in Costa Rica and Hong Kong…

Ana attended the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Science Education. In 2010, she began teaching at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, where she is best known for renovating a 1977 Airstream travel trailer into a teacher’s lounge with her 10th grade Engineering students. Ana and her students were invited to speak at the first PLTW Summit Conferencein Indianapolis, were featured on KLRU Central Texas Gardener.

In 2015, Ana ventured into the world of entrepreneurship when she co-founded Maker Ready, a consulting company that specializes in Maker Education and Design Thinking. Maker Ready has worked with several Austin schools, trained hundreds of AISD teachers, and presented at SXSWedu.

In her free time, Ana volunteers as a gardening teacher and serves on the steering committee at the Becker Green Classroom. She dabbles in woodworking and visual art and feeds her spirit by continually working on her personal yoga and mindfulness practices.

Figment Creative Labs, Austin TexasMy name is Ariel Hedstrom and I have passionately been a preschool teacher in Austin for the past 6 years. I have always enjoyed the messy and artful way small children view the world. I have made it my mission as a teacher to help foster and cultivate their ever inquiring minds and feed their imagination with purposeful and experimental art. I am so thrilled to be included in Amber’s new team at Creative Figment Labs. I think she is making a beautiful space for children of all ages creatively express themselves and learn on a fully encompassing and engaging level. . . In my free time I spend most of my time reading, day dreaming new projects for school, cooking and creating healthy and sustainable home products. I am a happy bike owner and enjoy exploring this beautiful city on my bike 🙂

“When investing in your child’s extra curricular activities, it’s ideal to find a teacher who encompasses exceptional knowledge with the ability to connect with our youth. Ariel has the innate gift of teaching children art all while they are learning, growing, and having fun. Children naturally flock to her fun-loving methods of exploring and creating art. Ariel was our daughter’s teacher for over a year, and we highly recommend her. She has fostered our daughter’s natural interest in art, and her methods kept our child highly engaged and interested. ” – parent

Danielle Zayas, Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas
Front Desk and all things organized


Yoga Instructor, Figment Creative Labs, A
Wednesday Yoga Instructor

​Since an early age Malia has always been interested in depth and connection — be it through conversation, movement, music, art, animals, or nature. The introduction of the mind-body-spirit-psyche quest began in her undergraduate design studies UT-Austin when she began to discover different methods of yoga and healing to help her cope and thrive with the stress of life. A wild, curious renegade spirit at heart, yoga provided self-care, balance and discipline at the perfect timing and continues to do so to this day.

Over the past 17 years, Malia has been a dedicated student and teacher. She has studied with master yoga teachers including Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Sean Corne, Christina Sell, Psalm Isadora and Bizzie Gold. She is passionate about teaching, empowering, encouraging, mentoring, coaching and counseling. She has worked in various settings from yoga studios, prisons, corporations and with individuals one on one. She has previous experience in account/project management, business, yoga studio ownership/management, marketing/graphic design, promotions and client relations

Malia holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Texas in Austin. She is currently working on her last year of her Master’s in Counseling to become a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in complex trauma and sex therapy to support individuals and couples with living a holistic life in mind, body, spirit and sexual health.


Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, Yoga
Beeral Thursday Yoga Instructor

Beeral is made up of equal parts Mom, Yogini and red wine. As a yoga practitioner for nearly 15 years and a mom of three, her personal practice and teaching style is constantly evolving and ranges from power yoga to prenatal. She hopes to help you find a few moments of peace and love each time you step on your mat.

Sue Reading, Figment, Austin
Sue Reading- Garden Fairy

Our butterfly that flutters around and makes things grow.




Weekly Drop Off Classes:

Creative Preschool Mon./ Wed., Tues./Thurs., or Mon.-Thurs. 9am-1pm

After school classes 3:30-5:30pm

Monday and Friday Homeschool Class 9am-2pm

Mommy and Me Toddler Art Play Group: Mondays and Tuesdays 10am-11pm $25 for one child $30 for two

Art Birthday Parties $525 for 2 hours Call 512-775-8687 for details.

Ladies BYOB Art Nights $30/ person Call to schedule your group.

Summer Camps (Join email list to be the first to know when we release dates!)

In the Press

Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, slime Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, Amber Scardino, Studio 512 Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, Amber Scardino

STEAM Kids, Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, Amber Scardino Figment Creative Labs, Austin Texas, Amber Scardino

Studio 512 – rainsticks

The Best Art Studios for Kids in the U.S.

Studio 512 Process art using items found in home.

Studio 512- Making fizzy dough

Studio 512 – Drawbots

Studio 512- Sensory Tubes

Studio 512- coffee painting

Awards and Recognitions

2016 Austin Maker Faire

Maker Award for Art Pinball Machine

Austin Maker Faire | Art Pinball Machine | Wee Warhols, Figment Creative Labs, action art