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Cloud Soap Experiment

If you are looking for a fun, easy, and cheap experiment…HERE IT IS!   It is so much fun to watch a bar of Ivory soap expand and cloud up in the microwave.  My boys were amazed. All you need: bar or more of IVORY soap a comparison soap bar a […]

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Process Approach To Decorating Pumpkins at Wee Warhols

Halloween will be here soon, along with pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin flavored… everything you can imagine.  I love Fall, and October is the best time of year to visit Austin, Texas, in case you were wondering.  Can I tell you about my absolute favorite way to decorate pumpkins with […]

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Mexican Jumping Beans

So, we are on vacation and made a stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We went in this little shop and were taken back with nostalgia.  So many little fun things we remember getting excited about as children.  We really racked up on cheap trinkets for the boys.  One of […]

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A little bit about Wee Warhols- Children’s Art Classes

— Wee Warhols art classes help children develop fine motor skills, expand their creativity, discover many different mediums, and grow their self esteem.  I want the children to become comfortable with art materials, so they feel confident to explore them on their own and ignite their own creativity.   — […]