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Process Art- Popsicle Stick Sculpture

I’m going to keep this one super simple.  Basically you supply the little creator in your life with the right materials (popsicle or craft sticks and a low temp glue gun) and some trust and supervision and see where they take it.  These creative thinkers built up! Little builders, inventors, […]

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52 Ways to Excite Kids and Banish Boredom

Do you have a STEAM Kid?  Not yet? Well, do you think it is important for a child to: question like a scientist design like a technologist build like an engineer create like an artist deduce like a mathematician – and – play like a kid??? Yes?  Then you are […]

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Tips For Acquiring Inexpensive STEAM Materials

-This post contains affiliate links as well as super informative links.- I am a bit of a collector — some may say hoarder — of craft supplies or anything that I think my kids, myself, or my students can create or build with.  I love to hunt for cool items […]

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PVC Pipe Construction at Wee Warhols

One of our favorite building materials at Wee Warhols is PVC pipe.  I bought a variety of 3/4” connectors and A LOT of 3/4” Schedule 40 PVC pipe from Home Depot.  You can purchase them in pre-cut 2’ sections for $1.57 apiece or you can save money by buying 3/4″x10’ […]