52 Ways to Excite Kids and Banish Boredom

Do you have a STEAM Kid?  Not yet? Well, do you think it is important for a child to: question like a scientist design like a technologist build like an engineer create like an artist deduce like a mathematician – and – play like a kid??? Yes?  Then you are […]

Tips For Acquiring Inexpensive STEAM Materials

-This post contains affiliate links as well as super informative links.- I am a bit of a collector — some may say hoarder — of craft supplies or anything that I think my kids, myself, or my students can create or build with.  I love to hunt for cool items […]

Large Scale Air Sculptures – A Lesson On Space In Art

I am amazed everyday by my young art students.  They seem to have no limitations of space in their drawings.  They just draw.  The stories they tell about their creations are often comical and sometimes astronomical.  What worries me, though, is that as they get older they will lose that […]

PVC Pipe Construction at Wee Warhols

One of our favorite building materials at Wee Warhols is PVC pipe.  I bought a variety of 3/4” connectors and A LOT of 3/4” Schedule 40 PVC pipe from Home Depot.  You can purchase them in pre-cut 2’ sections for $1.57 apiece or you can save money by buying 3/4″x10’ […]