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Simple DIY Bohemian Wall Hanging Craft Starting With A Mop

You know how bohemian wall hangings are all the craze?  Well, if not, let me catch you up with this Pinterest board of samples:   Figment Wall Hanging Inspiration  There are so many different styles and techniques you can use to make wall hangings.  Depending on your skill level, you can […]

Wee Warhols, Austin tx

Teaching The Next Generation To Be Fearless Creators

  Last night I joined a group of other creative ladies for a book club. Our mission is to increase our motivation, creativity, mental oomph, courage, and to improve our lives in general.  We plan to meet once a month to discuss the current selection.  I have never been in […]

Magnets That Tell A Story

If you are trying to come up with last minute personalized gifts for friends and family, this was a fun project I did with a ladies church group.  I collected a bunch of Altoids containers and took the lids off.  You could use either side, but the deep side worked […]

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String Art Star Tree Topper

At Wee Warhols we have been in full force holiday preparation mode… even when we don’t intend to be. I had a Ladies Art Night at the house the other night. We made string art. So many creative ladies with such great ideas. If you haven’t heard, Wee Warhols offers […]