Pokemon Pokeball Dioramas

pokemon pokeball diorama biome

These Pokemon Pokeball Dioramas have been a huge hit at Figment. And it’s not just the Pokemon connection that the kids love (though that’s doesn’t hurt). One of the most empowering things about this kind of project is the chance it gives kids to engage in critical thinking and gain confidence in their choices. It’s also way more fun than the shoebox dioramas of my youth.

Pokemon Pokeball Diorama Biome
How to make a biome

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pokemon Pokeball Diorama Biome


  1. Slice a pool noodle to use as a base or roll a towel upend place under the red half of the poke ball. This will keep it steady.
  2. Hot glue the 3″ x 1″ styrofoam disk inside the red side of the candy ball. This will be your base. (You can also find these at Dollar Tree in the floral section.)
  3. Pick a Pokemon figurine to live in the poke ball and design a world for.
  4. If you’re familiar with your Pokemon, then you may want to design their pokeball to go with their element (fire, ice, electricity or water).
  5. Spread out the playdough on top of the styrofoam. Depending on the colors you use, it could represent grass, ice, lava, melted ice-cream…
  6. Place your figurine in the playdough and start designing a diorama for your Pokemon.
Pokemon Pokeball Diorama Biome

Wanna make it more educational?

This particular biome may be fictional and fantastic, but it can also be a fun jumping off point for discussing real biomes. A biome is a community of plants and animals with characteristics for the environment in which they exist.

Pokemon Pokeball Diorama Biome

You could also swap out the styrofoam and playdough for potting soil and add real plants to make a Pokemon terrarium.

We’d love to see how your pokeball biomes turned out! So be sure to tag @figmentcreative on Instagram or Facebook and subscribe to the blog for more fun projects.

Girl closing a Pokemon ball
girl making a Pokemon ball biome diorama
Pokemon Pokeball Diorama Biome
Girl making a Pokemon Arctic ice world poke ball
Ice- Arctic Pokemon World