Figment At-Home Camps & Creative Play Kits

We’re bringing Figment Camp to you!

Let’s make this summer a fun filled and creative one! We know it’s not easy being stuck at home. Until we can meet in person again, we’ve put together some awesome at-home camps for kids ages 6 to 14 years old, as well as a series of kits designed to engage ages 3 to 10 in open-ended creative play.

At-Home Mini Camps

We have one more At-Home Mini Camp scheduled this summer. We’ll be doing a last Dollhouse Camp, so if you’ve been meaning to take it — enroll


At-Home Camp Options

  • Dollhouse Camp with Ms Amber $70

What’s included in each camp?

  • Project supplies and any handouts or worksheets needed for your specific class(es)
  • Prerecorded video lessons from expert teachers
  • Three one-hour long Zoom calls throughout the week with Ms. Amber and fellow campers, starting Monday with a “Let’s get started” meeting. Wednesday will be a chance to check in and ask questions, and Friday will be the Big Reveal of your final project
  • A private Facebook group to ask questions or just share what you’re creating

Should we bother with the Zoom check-ins? Will my kid even get a chance to talk?

Our take home supplies and instruction will encourage creative exploration at your own pace, but we believe creating together builds community. Since we want to keep that connection (even if we can’t all be in the same room), we’re capping each class at 15 kids per week to insure that each child receives support and guidance from Ms. Amber and their fellow campers.

How do I pick up supplies?

Supplies for your camp can be picked up (without contact) from the Figment Studio between 11AM and 1PM on the Thursday before your camp is scheduled. If you’re unable to pick up during that window, you can contact Ms. Amber to arrange alternative plans.

About Our Mini Camps

Dollhouse Camp

Portable Dollhouse Mini Camp

It was near impossible for Ms Amber not to decorate this house to use as an example, but somehow she managed to hold back and save the supplies for a lucky camper.

Class Overview

Your child already has the imagination to decorate an amazing dollhouse, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Ms. Amber will guide the kids through the design process by asking questions and encouraging them to use a design journal to really think about their ideas and come up with a plan.

Each student will design everything about their portable dollhouse, including the outside, the color of the floors, even pictures on the walls. They will also create dolls to live inside their masterpiece.

Not super into dolls? Ms. Amber has some pretty cool ideas to make the houses into a Lego mini figurine storage case. If that’s more up your alley, feel free to join the class and she’ll work with you on that project (those supplies are not included in the kit).

Materials in Kit: 8.2×11″ unfinished wooden dollhouse, 6 unfinished dolls, sketchbook, 2 clothespin dolls, fabric, paint, wooden bits for building furniture, matchbox, wooden vase, small mirror, double-sided tape and printouts

Materials YOU supply: Low temp hot glue gun and glue sticks or tacky glue. Markers, recyclables — be creative!

Class Meeting Schedule

Ms Amber will meet with the Dollhouse campers Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 to 10am to discuss project on zoom video meeting. You will have access to a private Facebook group to collaborate and ask questions with staff and friends.

New Kits

We’ve now made two of our most popular camps available as self-paced kits. They still come with expert videos, instructions and a supply kit. And we’ve because the no longer include the Zoom call option, we’ve lowered the price.

The kits are available for pick up each Thursday from 11AM to 1PM through August 13.

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop Animation Online Camp

This three part class will teach your child everything they need to know to make their own animated stories. While we focus a lot on process art for younger kids at Figment, this is a great skill-building class that will equip students with the tools and confidence to keep creating on their own.

Class Overview

  • Lesson Basics — Each video lesson is under four minutes and includes a handout to be printed at home
  • DIY Animation Rig — Learning to build your own animation rigs
  • Lesson 1/Walk Cycle — Creating a character on paper and making it walk, skip, and jump across the screen
  • Lesson 2/Talking Head — Develop a character’s face from paper and learn to animate that face so it talks; You’ll also learn to record your own voice-over in iMovie
  • Lesson 3/Story Time — Introduction to storyboarding and developing a simple narrative using the Walk Cycle and Talking Head techniques
  • Bonus Worksheet — A step-by-step handout explaining story structure to help prompt students to build on earlier lessons and keep creating more stories

Materials in Kit: Pre-cut PVC and couplings to build your animation rig

Materials YOU provide: iPad, free apps, pencil, markers and paper

What if I don’t have an iPad? You can also use a smart phone. The free apps suggested are for Apple products, but we have Android alternatives. In the videos, Mr. Jerry demonstrates several types of animation rigs, though the pieces included in our kit work specifically for the iPad.

Polymer Clay Sculpting

In this polymer (oven bake) clay series students will learn to create three tiny creatures — an adorable puppy, bird, and penguin. If the style of these little guys looks familiar, it’s because instructor Ms. Wi hand makes the colorful charm necklaces and keychains we sell at the Figment studio!

Class Overview

  • Students will learn the basics of working with polymer clay
  • They will learn techniques like how to to portion the clay, shape it, correctly apply layers, and cure their creations
  • The creation of each animal will be covered in its own 5-7 minute step-by-step video, and will teach skills and techniques for students to continue creating on their own
  • We’ll learn about habitats and create a diorama to house our little creatures

Materials in Kit: Each clay kit comes with all the clay you need for all three projects, a toothpick, ball tool, and plastic knife

Process Art/ Play Kits

Our open-ended creative play kits can be purchased online and picked up every Thursday between 11AM and 1PM at the Figment Studio. If you’d like your kit to be shipped, please contact Amber for pricing.


A little about Figment’s Online Guides:

Jerry Slayton grew up in a small coal mining community outside of Birmingham, Alabama. His grandmother introduced him to painting and sewing at an early age, and his parent’s refrigerator was always being filled with new drawings. He studied art in college and after school was compelled to give back through teaching. He began at UAB in Birmingham, then moved to Austin to seek out new endeavors. Inspired in part by his sister, who is living with Cerebral Palsy, he began teaching traditional and digital media arts in special education.

Ms Wi

Wialexka Nery has a polymer clay company called Dream Drop Clay, where she handcrafts unique, meaningful and dreamy polymer clay miniature figurines and jewelry. She works for Figment Creative Labs helping children explore their creativity, learn new things every day and have fun through the process. Wialexka hopes by being bilingual and her years of experience in the creative arts will allow her to reach out many and make a positive impact on the world around her.

Amber Scardino
Amber Scardino, Figment Creative Labs, Founder

Amber Scardino is the founder and owner of Figment Creative Labs. She started teaching art when she was at home with her two active boys doing fun messy art activities in her back yard. As her boys have grown, so has Figment. “We start out with process art for the very young and bring in more STEAM education and Maker Ed as they grow with us.” Amber is a big believer on hands on learning and the importance of play. She hopes that Figment will inspire creativity in people of all ages, bring families together through art and encourage learning through play.