Wee Warhols Lego Frame

Wee Warhols, lego frame, art display, art frame, home decor, austin, tx
Wee Warhols Lego Frame

I have to say that my creative kids amaze me daily.  They love Legos and are constantly creating new battleships or what have you.  They always have long explanations or storylines that go along with them.  I love it!

Last night I fell in love with “the Original Wee Warhol’s” new creation!  It started out as a hat…

Wee Warhols, lego hat, design idea, lego frame, Austin, TX
The Start Of An Idea

Then he looked over at my Wee Warhols picture that I made using a Ikea Ribba box frame and UREKA!  It became a Lego frame for his art.  I love watching the process of an idea born.

Wee Warhols, Lego, shadow box, frame, Ikea, Austin, TX
Wee Warhols Lego Shadow Box Frame

I also love to display my children’s art in fun ways.  I don’t think it gets any better than this.  Displaying their art in a frame that they can create.  Please share some of your children’s Lego frames, filled with their artwork in the comments below.  I would love to see them!

Wee Warhols, Lego frame, art display, austin tx
Displaying Kid’s Artwork
Lego, frame, Wee Warhols, Austin TX
Lego Frame with Lego Markers
Wee Warhols, Lego, box frame, Ikea, Ribba, frame, Austin, TX
Wee Warhols Lego Logo Framed
Wee Warhols, Lego frame, Austin TX, Lego, Frame, art display
Wee Warhols Lego Frame

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